Getting Started

Group Conditioning
Just call, or drop in 15 minutes prior to class time and we’ll get you started!

Barbell Club
Experience with Olympic Lifting is required. If interested, and no previous experience, we can provide introductory sessions. Please call for more information – 973-227-3459.

Before participating in classes an evaluation will be performed with an instructor to determine your starting point and scalability. Without prior CrossFit experience, or experience with some of the fundamental CrossFit movements, all members will be required to go through a CrossFit Starter Series.

The CrossFit Starter Series is six sessions designed to teach you the philosophies and methodology of following a CrossFit® program. You will be trained on the core movements and scaled variations of the most popular CrossFit® exercises.  Each session will be 60 minutes, with 40 or so minutes of hands on learning – and the remaining time will be a WOD.

The CrossFit Starter Series classes run twice per month. Sessions are as follows:
Week 1
Session 1 Monday @ 7:00pm
Session 2 Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Session 3 Thursday @ 7:00pm

Week 2
Session 4 Monday @ 7:00pm
Session 5 Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Session 6 Thursday @ 7:00pm

Cost for The CrossFit Starter Series will is $199, and include the first month of CrossFit (unlimited).